Wisconsin Passes Montessori Teaching License Bill

The state of Wisconsin has approved the AMI Diploma as a pathway to a state teaching credential!  Under new legislation, AMI Diploma holders who pass the state teaching license exams will be eligible to qualify for a state Montessori teaching license.  Congratulations to the Wisconsin Montessori Association for their hard work in having this bill passed!  State Representative Joel Kitchens released the following statement, after the Montessori Teacher’s License bill was signed into law:

“I am very pleased that the Montessori Teacher’s License Bill has been signed into law by Governor Walker. Wisconsin has been struggling with a teacher shortage over the last few years, especially in rural areas, and this bill is another great step in addressing this situation. This bipartisan bill will allow for additional qualified teachers to obtain their initial teaching license without compromising the standards we hold for educators in Wisconsin.

“I would like to thank the Wisconsin Montessori Association, who played a crucial role in crafting this bill and getting it through the legislative process. I would also like to thank Sen. Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) for co-authoring this important bill, which plays a small but vital role in tackling our teacher shortage and will send a message that Wisconsin is actively working to address the needs of our schools and our children.