AMI Teachers

To work in a Montessori environment is very unlike “teaching” in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, one will often hear Montessori teachers referred to as "guides". This is because they are experts at assisting children in finding their own strengths and capabilities through the use of developmentally appropriate lessons and enticing, self-correcting materials. Montessori teachers (or guides) also are expert observers which serves as an invaluable tool in their evaluation of each child's academic, emotional and social progress, interests, and personality while also allowing each child the space to practice independence and responsibility.

AMI Montessori teachers (or guides) are adept at leading from behind. They know when to intervene, and above all, they know when to step back. They also create beautiful, warm and joyful environments designed for each child to meet their developmental needs, promote learning and instill community.

First and foremost, those who have completed AMI teacher training understand and experience what it means to “believe in the child” and how to best support all children by providing opportunity for them to reach their full potential. It’s an art, a skill and an ability that serves an invaluable purpose in preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world.