New Training Courses in Boston, NYC, & Seattle

Montessori schools are growing and expanding in both the Boston Area and New York City, yet AMI teacher training in these populous United States cities has always been minimal. The demand for Montessori teachers in both locations is very high. As various states begin to expand Montessori programs, the shortage of teachers also grows, making it very difficult to operate quality AMI schools with local resident employees.

AMI training center satellite locations are one way that AMI is addressing this need expressed by larger Montessori communities. Satellite locations have occurred before in our AMI history; however, they are now taking firmer strength on both coasts of our country. Montessori Northwest has expanded to offer programs in both Seattle and San Francisco and now Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE), located in Hartford, Connecticut, plans to address the needs of both New York City and the greater Boston Area. Satellite options from established training centers offer operational experience, financial stability and can leverage existing training talent and expertise needed to launch successful new AMI courses.

Working with advisory teams in both locations, MTCNE has submitted feasibility studies to establish satellite locations starting this summer 2017. A new three summer AMI Primary Course will begin in Winchester, Massachusetts using the well-established Children’s Own School as its location with Ms. Connie Black as the AMI Primary Director of Training. MTCNE is also proposing a recently renovated NYC building, Montessori School SoHo, be the home to a new 2-summer AMI Assistants to Infancy Course to begin in June of 2017. This course is still currently in the final stages of review. Details about either of these two new offerings can be found on the MTCNE website.

AMI-USA is pleased to welcome these greatly needed satellite locations and looks forward to a stronger presence in both Boston and New York City.