Choosing a school community sometimes feels like one of the most difficult decisions parents make for their children. Factors such as the child’s happiness and ability to progress academically, socially and emotionally intertwine with other practical concerns such as cost and convenience.

With AMI/USA Members Schools, parents can be assured that the school is a part of the AMI Recognition Program no matter where it is located within the United States. This process assures parents that the school holds the authentic standards of Montessori education in the highest regards and as envisioned by Dr. Maria Montessori. This also means that in today’s very mobile society should the need arise for a family to move from one area of the country to another if they look for an AMI/USA Member School, they will find a school that is familiar, and which will provide an easy transition for their children.

Please be aware that the name Montessori is not protected and therefore, any school can call itself a Montessori school. The AMI/USA Member School designation identifies schools that are within the AMI Recognition Program administered by AMI/USA.

Once a school gains Recognized, Affiliated, or Associated status, the AMI/USA Member School Seal can be used for the school’s website and marketing materials. Please note that use of the AMI and AMI/USA logos are copyrighted and reserved for the head office, AMI affiliate organizations, and training centers. While schools are asked not to use the AMI logo nor the AMI/USA logo, this seal provides visual acknowledgement of a school’s AMI/USA membership.

In terms of the cost of a Montessori education, Montessori schools can range anywhere from free public Montessori to public charter schools to private schools requiring an annual tuition and related fees.

Please visit the Resources for Families page for resources to use when visiting and interviewing schools for your child.