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There are several ways you can join the AMI family and help us accomplish our mission of helping children achieve their potential. There are lots of ways to become involved with the AMI community in the United States, whether it is joining AMI/USA as a member, becoming an AMI certified teacher or a certified AMI/USA Member School. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in joining AMI/USA. Your support enables us to continue our programs and outreach for Montessori groups across the United States. AMI/USA membership is open to all, please consider joining our organization for the many benefits members receive.

Become an AMI/USA Member School

AMI/USA provides Montessori schools in the USA that wish to offer an authentic Montessori program with a set of internationally recognized standards of quality. Schools meeting these standards apply annually for recognition and are issued a certificate which indicates that they meet these criteria. Although no two schools are the same, the recognition process assures parents that their children will receive an authentic Montessori education.

Become an AMI Teacher

The AMI diploma is respected worldwide as a representation of achievement in a teacher-training program of quality, integrity, and authenticity and is earned through successful completion of an intensive training program conducted by an AMI trainer. These dedicated master teachers have participated in a rigorous Training of Trainers Program and possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of Montessori principles and applications.