AMI/USA Solicits Guest Essays on Topics of Equity and Inclusion

We are so grateful for the diverse skills, knowledge, cultures, and human experiences of the AMI/USA community. There are many talents and voices within our membership that can be amplified via AMI/USA platforms. We are extending an invitation to our members to collaborate with the AMI/USA team to pen statements for national holidays, national heritage days and months, and international days that are relevant to our mission and that align with the AMI/USA equity statement. You may want to educate, lead a call to action, and/or reflect on the importance of these occasions in your communities.

In the recent past these commentaries and statements have been written from the “Desk of the Executive Director” or other AMI/USA staff.  As we move forward and grow in our justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) work and approach, and after receiving suggestions from learned Montessori colleagues, we want to broaden the circle of social thought and facilitate opportunity to listen and hear the voices of those most impacted by history, current social situations, and have lived experiences that are relevant to the topics. During month long celebrations, we can accept more than one statements, stories, and/or social commentaries.

Seeking Writing Proposals for Upcoming Topics:

  • 04/22/22          First Day of National Poetry Month                            First Draft Due   03/15/2022
  • 05/01/22          Asian Pacific American Heritage Month                    First Draft Due   04/15/2022
  • 05/01/22          Mental Health Awareness Month (Self-Care)            First Draft Due   04/15/2022
  • 05/02/22          National Children’s Book Week                                First Draft Due   04/15/2022
  • 06/01/22          Caribbean American Heritage Month                        First Draft Due   05/15/2022
  • 06/22/22          Pride Month                                                               First Draft Due   05/15/2022
  • 06/19/22          Juneteenth                                                                 First Draft Due   06/06/2022
  • 07/04/22          Independence Day                                                    First Draft Due   06/15/2022
  • 09/22/22         International Day of Peace                                         First Draft Due   09/07/2022

If you are not quite ready to pen a full statement or social commentary, writing a post for our social media outreach is a great start. First drafts are due 5 days before the designated celebration day.

  • 04/15/22         First Day of Passover (Judaism)
  • 04/17/22          Easter (Christianity)
  • 04/27/22         Holocaust Remembrance Day (from a justice and reparations perspective)
  • 05/05/22          Cinco de Maya (Media Post)
  • 05/08/22          Mother’s Day (Media Post)
  • 05/30/22          Memorial Day (Social Media)
  • 06/18/22          Autistic Pride Day (Neurodiversity)

All writers will collaborate with Sarah Kozicki, AMI/USA, Director of Communications and Digital Strategy for AMI/USA formatting and Sheri Bishop, HRSJ Advisor and/or Ayize Sabater, Executive Director, for content review.

To express interest, please complete the form at In the “share” section include a short biography, the topic of interest, a title of the intended statement or commentary, and the major idea(s) for the content. After your completed form is posted, Sheri Bishop will reach out to discuss the proposal. As an appreciation, $100 will be paid to those writing full statements after the writer submits an invoice to AMI/USA for payment. Those that have social media content published will benefit from cross-posting on desired social media platforms.