Refresher Course Scholarships!

AMI/USA is thrilled to announce that up to fourteen scholarships are available for teachers and administrators to attend the 2020 The Montessori Experience: Refresher Course and Workshops.

The scholarship will allow teachers and administrators to attend who may not otherwise have the financial resources to do so.  Up to fourteen recipients will be chosen, with a representative number attending each workshop (i.e., 2 Assistants, 2 Administrative, 2 Equity Intensive Workshop, 2 A to I, 2 Primary, 2 Elementary, 2 Adolescent).

Please click here to apply!  The application will close November 20.

The fine print:

Scholarships will take the form of waived registration for Saturday and Sunday sessions only. Supplemental Friday and Monday workshops may be purchased separately. Recipients must meet the criteria listed below and will be chosen by random lottery. Recipients must attend the entire conference; scholarships may not be transferred or postponed. A $100 refundable deposit will be required at time of registration and will be refunded after full attendance at The Montessori Experience: Refresher Course and Workshops. Each recipient must procure travel, lodging, and AMI and EAA (if required) membership, independently.

Criteria for Acceptance
+Hold an AMI diploma at the necessary level
+Be an AMI, and/or EAA member if necessary for attendance or be willing to join
+Currently work in a Montessori classroom or school
+Is from a school with limited funds and would not be able to attend without additional financial assistance