In Memory of John Snyder

Dear AMI Community:

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that John Snyder passed away peacefully last week, surrounded by his family. 

This is a profound loss for the Montessori community. In addition to formerly serving on the EAA board, John served the staff, children and families of Austin Montessori School for the past twenty years.  He continued to provide guidance and engaging company for many in the school community up until his passing.  He will be deeply missed.  

Here some words of wisdom from John’s poetry collection:


What is the shape of a wave?

That is my shape,

a brief swelling on the surface–

my deepest thoughts,

my care, my projects,

all spindrift in the wind.

Do not say that I 

came into the world,

lived a little while,

and returned to my source.

See the wind-driven froth

for what it is, dive deep.

Say, instead, no world to enter,

no one to enter it,

no life to live,

no death to die,

no source to leave or return to.

Say I am the ocean

taking the shape of a wave,

surrounded by limitless waves,

swelling out of that greatest wave,

the tide – incalculable power

breathing in, breathing out


– John Snyder, “infinity minus one”