In Memoriam Estela Palmeri

The following was shared by John Page –

Good Afternoon,
I had an extended conversation with Queta Harlan this afternoon, Estela Palmeri’s sister, who informed me that Estela passed away on November 5.

I was a former student of Estela’s in Los Angeles for the school year 1971-1972. At that time she was unmarried with the last name Colmenero. Years later, after Estela closed the center in Los Angeles, she wanted to start up Montessori training again, using a summers format, and she requested to do so at our school, Meher Montessori school in Monterey Park. So Estela used our school to house her training center for a number of years.

It was our dear pleasure to have such a wonderful dedicated Montessorian use our facility to train so many people who traveled from all over the world to train with her. Estela was also a consultant for AMI and worked closely with many schools from all over the world.

I cherish my memories of her, her intelligence, warmth and 100% dedication to the Child!

Thank you,
John Page

Click here for more detail about Estela’s life and work. Also see below from Brenda Striegel-Fox

November 12, 2020

Estela was appointed to the Sponsoring Committee by Mario Montessori in 1977 and served until her retirement in 1997. From 1979, I worked as secretary to that committee and came to know Estela both as a colleague and a friend. Her deep-seated interest in the Montessori Method and her commitment to the work of the Sponsoring Committee in the running of the Training of Trainers Programme were valued and respected.

It was my privilege to have known and worked with Estela. Please accept my deepest sympathy. May she rest in peace.

Brenda Striegel-Fox