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Our primary goal at AMI/USA is to guide Montessorians to realize and manifest the rich Montessori pedagogy as an aid to life and a means for children to attain their full human potential. Financial contributions from benefactors such as you enable us to fulfill our vision of offering services that support member growth in every way possible. They can then better provide high fidelity Montessori programs within their communities.

Many members of the Montessori community donate to AMI/USA to support our broadly based work as the lead affiliate of AMI in the USA. We constantly seek to increase the services we provide to schools, members, families, and training centers as well as to increase the recognition and understanding of Montessori education. Donations made to AMI/USA provide more capacity for development of new and existing initiatives.

Your gift to AMI/USA enriches the entire community by:

  1. Educating current and future AMI teachers, administrators and families.
  2. Empowering schools and training centers with a wide array of support services.
  3. Informing members and the general public on Montessori philosophy and news.
  4. Advocating for Montessori standards in local, state, and national arenas.
  5. Connecting with our AMI global community and other organizations in support of the child.

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Thank you for your generous donation to the AMI/USA Annual Fund! We sincerely appreciate your continued partnership and support.