Create Lasting Impact

“I beg the dear, all-powerful children to join me in creating peace in man and in the world.”

~ Maria Montessori

Your gift to AMI/USA enriches the entire community by:

Educating current and future AMI teachers, administrators and families.

AMI/USA established the MES Fund, Inc.  to provide need-based teacher training scholarships.  This program has empowered more than 250 individuals to complete their training and assume open positions in schools where they now serve families and children. The MES Fund is governed by a separate Board of Trustees and AMI/USA continues to support the fund by accepting donations, administering the scholarship application process and providing administrative support.

Well known for its high-quality annual collaboration with the AMI Elementary Alumni Association (AMI/EAA), the “Montessori Experience – Refresher Course and Workshops” continues and preserves this tradition while also providing a welcoming venue for parents, administrators, and untrained individuals to experience a weekend of AMI inspiration.  Since its inception, this event has served thousands of Montessorians, with a 2019 record attendance of 1,229!

Beginning in 2019, AMI/USA expanded its professional development offerings to include Regional Workshops (independently and in collaboration with other AMI affiliates) and online Webinars for members and non-members alike.   These programs have been well received, serving 224 individuals.   We look forward to building on them, creating greater access for all.

Empowering schools and training centers with a wide array of support services.

For 46 years, The AMI Recognition Program has assisted schools by providing verification and confirmation of their commitment to authentic AMI Montessori education.  In conjunction with school recognition, AMI Montessori Consultants visit and support schools and classrooms with their wisdom and experience. 

The  Online School Locator serves as a valuable tool for families and schools.  This is often the first search point for Montessori families who are relocating, as well as families who are just beginning their Montessori journey.  As the hub for Montessori in the United States, AMI/USA provides the link for connection.

Finding the right teacher for a school is made immeasurably easier with the Career and Recruiting Services.  In the past ten years, more than 4,300 online job listings have allowed schools to connect with potential faculty members quickly and efficiently.  Many of those same schools have tables at the February event to meet & greet prospects in-person.

In 2019, AMI/USA, in collaboration with the former Montessori Administrators Association (MAA), consolidated and accepted responsibility to provide support services for more than 340 school administrators, regardless of affiliation or school certification.  The new AMI/USA Administrator’s Community presented a program to 195 attendees at the 2019 Refresher Course, and hosted the Summer Retreat gathering for 50 heads of school.   This community includes access to an online forum and document vault of valuable resources for schools.  

The developing School Seed Program will provide support, education and grants for the planting of new AMI schools in the United States.

In addition to teacher training scholarships AMI/USA provides support to AMI Training Centers in the form of marketing and communications, taking & directing telephone inquiries regarding teacher training.  It provides a web-based training center locator and a has created a new online portal to provide real-time connection between each independent center.  A new initiative is currently being developed to provide grants for Training of Trainers program.

Informing members and the general public on Montessori philosophy and news.

The AMI/USA website and social media platforms provide optimal outreach to Montessorians and the general public. A complete re-design of the website, unveiled in 2020 presented the new, fresh image of AMI/USA to support the period of pending growth. 

The AMI/USA Journal inspires 3,500 plus members bi-annually with scholarly writings from the international Montessori community.  In 2019, we were pleased to collaborate with the American Montessori Society (AMS) on a joint publication, “Montessori Collaborative World Review: The Montessori Roots of Social Justice” reaching more than 3,500 individuals.

The AMI/USA E-newsletter reaches nearly 8,000 contacts each month, with important news, updates and inspiration. 


Advocating for Montessori standards in local, state, and national arenas.

AMI/USA has long been a force for Montessori advocacy.  In recent years, it partnered with the American Montessori Society (AMS), to form the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI), providing both financial and consultative support. MPPI creates a unified, more effective advocacy voice for authentic Montessori education.  This initiative has trained more than 450 Montessorians to tackle public policy issues in their states, providing workshops, resources, and support. It also serves as a point of connection for various local, state and national advocacy groups.

Connecting with our AMI Global community and other organizations in support of the child.

Members of AMI/USA are automatically members of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI Global) and are afforded the benefits thereof.  We also provide connection to and collaborate with other AMI Affiliates in the United States including AMI Elementary Alumni Association (AMI/EAA), Educateurs Sans Frontieres (ESF) and the various AMI Training Centers.  

In addition to the AMI Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam, AMI/USA represents you with membership and attendance at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), Montessori Leaders Collaborative, and numerous state Montessori organizations.