How can I request more information about AMI Montessori teacher training in the United States?

Submit the online inquiry form with information about the specific training centers that you are interested in. Your request will be forwarded to the selected training centers.

Why AMI training?

Courses that are certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) must meet rigorous standards, both in course content and in the qualification of the teacher training staff. What makes AMI unique is that the focus is on understanding the child, resulting in a deeper knowledge of oneself, as well as the intensive study of the Montessori materials. An internationally certified AMI trainer conducts every AMI course. These dedicated master teachers have had years of experience in their own Montessori classroom before participating in a rigorous Training of Trainers Program. Training centers accredited by AMI remain under its supervision and each course is examined by an external examiner appointed by AMI. An AMI diploma is recognized worldwide.

What are the requirements?

AMI training centers in the U.S. usually require a bachelor’s degree, though some exceptions are made based upon the applicant’s experience and intentions. An AMI primary diploma or an AMI Foundation Course is a prerequisite for training at the elementary level.

Where does training occur?

There are several AMI training centers in the U.S. and many others located around the world. Training received at any location will grant you the internationally recognized AMI diploma. Visit the AMI/USA training center locator with information about AMI training centers in the U.S.

Are there options available for graduate or undergraduate credit?

Yes! Options for undergraduate and graduate credit are available through colleges and universities affiliated with individual AMI training centers.

What is the cost?

The cost varies based on expenses related to the specific training centers. To get a realistic assessment of what you can expect to spend, please contact the training center of your choice directly.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The Margaret Elizabeth Stephenson Fund (MES Fund, Inc.) provides financial aid for a limited number of teacher training students each year. In addition, a school sponsorship list of Montessori schools interested in supporting individuals for teacher training programs is compiled by AMI/USA annually.

Is distance learning available?

The preparation of the adult about to undertake work with young children demands a high degree of self-discipline, commitment, and a professional attitude. This preparation is best achieved through:

  • Immersion in the Montessori theory under the supervision of experienced lecturers
  • Individual training and constant practice with the special materials used in a Montessori class
  • Regular meetings with a community of like-minded trainees to aid in the transformation to an AMI Montessori teacher.

These fundamental aspects are customarily achieved through our in-person three summer or academic year courses, however, in an effort to create greater access to training for those who would otherwise, be unable to attend, two blended learning courses are currently being piloted.

Core Principles Course:

This Course provides a solid understanding of the Montessori educational approach for those who support Montessori programs in schools and other contexts, including:

  • School Administrators
  • Academicians and Researchers
  • Education Advocates
  • Policy-Makers
  • Teachers, Assistants and School Support Staff
  • Parents, Parent Educators, and More
  • A deep dive into Montessori theory and philosophy and a comprehensive study of human development from birth through adulthood, with AMI Trainers at all levels for a focus on Montessori principles throughout life.

    Primary Diploma Course:
    This course delivers the full AMI Primary Course curriculum (3-6yrs) with the same high quality trainers for which AMI is known. Training includes hands-on observation and practice teaching experience in AMI-qualified classrooms, and the same intentional, rigorous preparation of the adult.

    The unique combination of on-site and distance modules provides an interactive, transformational learning experience for all components of the training, including lectures, reading and discussion, presentation of materials, album preparation, observation, and practice teaching.

What is an average teacher’s salary?

AMI schools recognize the dedication and commitment that goes into obtaining an AMI diploma and value AMI trained teachers. As a result, newly trained teachers can expect to earn a competitive salary. This range is broad and varies from region to region. Benefit packages vary from school to school, but are typically generous and often include full or partial tuition for teachers’ children. See AMI Administrator Resources for the latest salary survey results.

How can I request a replacement for a lost AMI diploma or academic transcript?

Please use this online form to request replacements. A minimal cost is associated with each request.