AMI Recognized Classrooms ~ Prepared Environments

The concepts of the Montessori approach to education are elegant in their simplicity, yet based on a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between human development, learning, and environment. After studying children in a variety of countries and from a number of different cultures and backgrounds, Dr. Montessori came to the conclusion that the human mind is constructed to organize and learn from the environment. Based on this recognition, she developed a prepared environment carefully designed to support the young child’s absorbent mind and to assist their complete development.

If a school is recognized by AMI, your child will be engaged in the authentic Montessori experience developed by Maria Montessori. Schools with an AMI Certificate of Recognition have undergone a rigorous review process. When you visit an AMI Montessori School, regardless of location, you will see the same standards applied.

The AMI Recognized Montessori Experience:

  • Includes one AMI trained teacher at the appropriate age level for each class.
  • Features a mixed, three-year age group in each class.
  • Has an appropriate number of children to ensure social development.
  • Is driven by a three-hour uninterrupted work period in the morning and at least two hours in the afternoon for primary and elementary programs.
  • Has a complete set of materials for each class from a manufacturer authorized by AMI.

Student work

Perhaps the greatest testimonial to the success of the Montessori method is Montessori student work. The quality, creativity, and cross-disciplinary nature of the following class work speaks to the intelligence and curiosity of the Montessori students that created it.

From Former Students

“There are no limits to learning and reaching a goal. The Montessori environment has enabled me to learn at my own pace. This has inspired me, because there were never any boundaries put in place as to what I was allowed to learn. Because of this, I have no fear of learning, just a feeling of momentum when it comes to exploring a new concept.”

“Throughout my time at Montessori I have learned many lessons, both academic and personal. I have learned how to solve quadratic equations, set up a tent silently in under five minutes, and, of course, how to bake biscuits in a toaster oven. But the most important lesson that I have learned from Montessori is to guard my independence, and never let it be taken away from me.”

“Through my Montessori education, I have developed a sense of who I am, and a sense of independence. Whether it is finishing a math book or an independent study project, enduring twenty degrees below zero in a tent, or canoeing twenty-eight miles a day, I know that I will be able to do it, and nothing will stop me.”

“In Montessori you had really great relationships with teachers who weren’t even your teachers. Everyone knows you and everyone cares. You don’t see that at other schools: you are classified into a grade, whereas at Montessori you are known for who you are.”

“My Montessori School has not only been responsible for my academic growth, but it is also responsible for my growth as an individual. On our winter trip last year we went dog sledding. At one point while we were camping, the temperature plummeted to twenty degrees below zero… The trip was a huge challenge. We soon learned we were not only responsible for the dogs and staying warm ourselves, but we had to stay positive throughout the entire trip even during the toughest times. The school trips taught me that although it’s important to learn to trust others, it’s more important to trust and rely on yourself.”

“Montessori helped spur my desire to learn and keep learning. In fact, I have come to embody this now through everything I do. I say I have the ‘minor league syndrome’ where if I am not doing all that I can and pushing myself, my work product will inevitably suffer, I feel that this is the kind of drive, curiosity, and general keen attitude The Montessori School helps to cultivate.”

“Tough as those years were, I was able to overcome the challenges that I faced in a public middle school because of my Montessori background. The whole Montessori way of working together, overcoming obstacles, challenging yourself, working independently, helped me get through the rough years. Challenges are a part of life at any stage. How you move beyond them is the important thing.”