Social Justice Webinar Series

AMI/USA is excited to learn alongside our community through a series of four free webinars focusing on issues of race, bias and injustice through a Montessori lens. Listen, learn, share and connect with experts and peers as we work to make Montessori spaces more inclusive and accessible. 

All funds raised will support the work of the Black Montessori Education Fund (BMEF). Donate Today:

Mark your calendars!

  • Monday, September 21 • 7-9pm EDT: De-Centering Whiteness in Montessori Spaces
    Speakers: Katie Kitchens, Mara Matteson, and Colleen Wilkinson
    White community members are invited to attend this event prior to attending the rest of the events in the series. Webinars will be recorded for later viewing.
  • Sunday, September 27 • 4-6pm EDT: Remembering Indigenous Voices in the Classroom
    Speaker: Trisha Moquino
  • Monday, November 2 • 7pm EST: The Anti-Bias & Anti-Racist Administrator 
    Speaker: Amelia Allen Sherwood
  • Sunday, November 15 • 4pm EST: Preparing Ourselves Spiritually and Mentally for Revolutionary Social Change (registration will open soon)
    Speaker: Sheri Bishop