Call for Board Nominations

The AMI/USA Board is seeking nominations for two new board members to replace Debby Riordan, who assumes the position of Executive Director in June, and Jamie Rue, who resigned from the board.  Jamie and Debby have each served the AMI/USA community for more than 3 years and their contributions as board members will be missed.

We are seeking candidates for these vacancies now to ensure a seamless transition process for the new board members, who will assume their board positions in July 2018.  We would like to fill one vacancy with a current AMI trainer or an AMI trainer in training.  The other vacancy does not have any specific requirements.

Nominations should be sent directly to Alyssa Schwartz.  Please submit a letter supporting the nomination of your candidate and accompany it with the candidate’s resume or CV by December 15, 2017.  Before suggesting a candidate, you must confirm with that person that he or she will be willing to serve if selected.