Earth Day 2021 Updates

Meet the Earth Day Event Speakers!

Join us on Earth Day April 22 starting at 7pm ET for a diverse panel of community leaders who will share on topics related to environmental education, environmental justice and sustainability. After the speakers share, we will have a Q&A and a casual conversation space. We can discuss questions arising from what the speakers shared and film Climate Emergency: Feedback LoopsWe encourage attendees to share what they are doing in their communities.

We are thrilled to announce the speakers for the upcoming event, more information and speakers will be added to the event website page as the event gets closer. 

Speakers include:

  • Carlos Chiver Jassan will speak about the regenerative work he is doing in México City and Montessori Everywhere’s The Earth Project
  • Judith Cunningham will share about her work with Montesssori Model UN and upcoming Climate Summit and will be joined by Marilú Mejía-López. Marilú is a Montessori climate activist who developed two projects for the Youth Impact Forum which she will share
  • Dallas Nelson is the Director of the Lakota Language & Education Initiative at the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He will share what they are doing around sustainability and environmental education.
  • Dorothy Lerma & Stephanie Becerra are lead guides at Siembra Montessori and will share information about their medicinal herb garden and how they’ve kept the children connected to the land during this difficult year where physically being outside together is not always possible.
  • Maritza Darling-Ramos is a Community Organizer with the Southeast Youth Alliance, a grassroots community organization located on the Southeast side of Chicago.
  • Arielle King is a Maryland-based 23-year-old environmental justice and anti-racism advocate.

Click here to learn more and register for the free event!

Environmental Education Resources

We hope you’ve enjoyed the resources provided to spark some Environmental Education ideas! We are excited to share some updates as we all prepare to celebrate Earth Day on April 22:

Below are the Resources Highlighted by the 4/7 Session Panelists: