U40: Montessori for the Future Summit 2023



The American Montessori Society (AMS) and Association Montessori International / United States of America (AMI/USA) are thrilled to announce the U40: Montessori for the Future Summit.

Join a diverse cohort of Montessori educators under 40 who are members of AMS and/or connected to Montessori through AMI/USA. These critical thinkers and creatives are committed to exploring and researching, value collaboration and diverse perspectives, and exchange knowledge to craft innovative approaches for the future of Montessori education. Participants will experience an immersive program to impact the Montessori Movement and work to improve how we think about how teachers are recruited, what teachers need to know to be successful with the ever-changing demands, and how to bolster teacher retention. Other ideas for exploration may arise from the initial work and will be incorporated as well.

AMS and AMI/USA invite all Montessori changemakers to apply for this program that celebrates the extraordinary young educators (under 40) who have demonstrated tremendous impact and success in their respective positions.

Why Attend

By bringing both AMS and AMI educators together for this critical work, the global Montessori Movement will be strengthened. The initiatives that come from this work have the potential to improve teacher education and schools worldwide, thereby improving the support given to teachers. In addition, the structured program and guiding of diverse Montessori practitioners through this process will establish a movement that will continue to rethink structures and practices for our associations.


  • Forward-thinking Montessori educators from established Montessori schools and teacher training programs along with AMS and AMI/USA staff, will discuss, research, and brainstorm sustainable pathways for Montessori to expand its reach and ways in which the pedagogy, teacher education, and school leadership can evolve to better meet the needs of children and adolescents of today. The group will propose ideas for both AMS and AMI/USA to begin working on innovative solutions.
  • After this event, we hope to have developed a foundation for several long-lasting initiatives whose work will continue beyond this year.

Event Details


Participation is directly funded by AMS and AMI/USA. This includes airfare, lodging, and 5 planned meals:

Thursday: dinner
Friday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Saturday: breakfast


Registration Opens: March 30, 2023
Submission Deadline: May 8, 2023
Notification of Acceptance: May 12, 2023

We look forward to reading your applications for this exciting gathering of minds.

Please note: If accepted into U40: Montessori for the Future Summit, you must purchase airline tickets by May 22, 2023, and submit the receipt for reimbursement by May 25, 2023.

Eligibility and Selection Process

Participants are selected based on aptitude, experience, a desire to collaborate, a desire to innovate, and the drive to become more impactful leaders in the Montessori community who are committed to accelerating change within themselves and their organizations.

Admissions will ensure a diversity of perspectives and experiences both in Montessori schools and teacher education programs. An AMS, AMI, or AMS-approved Montessori credential is required (any level). Those applying through AMS must have an active AMS membership. All participants must be under 40 years of age at the time of applying. 

Application Process

The U40: Montessori for the Future Summit application should be completed online. It includes:

Basic contact information, credential levels, school/TEP information, and written responses to questions related to Montessori growth and change, leadership, identity, skillset, and relationships.