Environmental Education is Important!

According to the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF):

Environmental education (EE) is often lauded by educators as an ideal way to integrate academic disciplines, stimulate the academic and social growth of young people, and promote conservation of the natural environment.  What are the benefits of Environmental Education? We’ve listed a few of EE’s many benefits below.

  • Improves Academic Achievement
  • Encourages Environmental Stewardship
  • Deepens Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • Strengthens Communities

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In addition to the immense value that the natural environment provides as a learning tool, environmental education is more important than ever as humanity looks to the innovations and ingenuity of young people to tackle our greatest existential threat: global climate change. Environmental stewardship will be key to ensuring our planet remains safe, healthy and habitable for generations to come.

Below is a library of environmental education resources for educators – both Montessori and non-Montessori alike. We will continually update this list as we become aware of new resources and encourage you to provide suggestions by emailing montessori@amiusa.org.