Montessori Guide A to I Launch

It is with great excitement that I announce the Assistants to Infancy section on!

A good deal of work and dedication have gone into preparing each clip and article to inform viewers; to help deepen the practice of adults working in these environments; and to help educate visitors about the true nature of the developing child. As with the primary and elementary sections, Assistants to Infancy is replete with remarkable images of the child at work, and captures the relationship of the trained adult and child in harmony together in the prepared environment. It is also supplemented with detailed articles and extraordinary interviews of the AMI Teacher Trainers, sharing their wisdom and knowledge of the child’s mental and physical growth from birth to three years of age.

The launch of this new addition to the site provides the viewer with a complete picture of the child through the first three planes of development, from birth through twelve years of age, thus helping enrich the understanding of all adults working with children at any age. It creates a visual bridge of the changing needs and abilities, and most critically, beautifully dispels common misunderstandings about the immense capabilities of human beings from the moment they come into this world.

Let us know what you think!  Please share your feedback with us about these new additions; about the site in general and how you use it in your daily life; and about ways it may have changed your thinking or how it can continue to support your professional growth.

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Bonnie Beste

Executive Director