BBC StoryWorks Features Montessori Education

We would like to share with you two beautiful, short documentaries, which have been produced by BBC StoryWorks. BBC StoryWorks is part of BBC Global News. They specialize in producing short documentary style films, focusing on creating beautiful stories to inspire and educate audiences.

AMI had the opportunity to work with BBC StoryWorks at the beginning of this year, and they consulted with the BBC to choose a suitable location where they could create two films, one showing Montessori Education in action and one focusing on AMI teacher training. The USA was the focus as these films were planned as part of the continuing work around the Bold Goal initiative, which aims to increase the number of AMI trained teachers within the USA.

The audiences these short films are among to target are both parents and educators who are not currently within the Montessori community, but who would benefit from learning more about the education and its opportunities.

We would be delighted if you would share these films with your communities, as they set out to answer and present on topics such as why would you choose Montessori education for your child; and why would you become a Montessori teacher?

Why Choose Montessori Education for Your Child?

Why Become a Montessori Teacher?