Adam-Lewis roger-ochs
As we are in the process of welcoming our two new board members to the AMI/USA Board of Directors, we are again reaching out to our valued community for recommendations of candidates to fill two upcoming vacancies to the board to replace Adam Lewis and Roger Ochs. Both Roger and Adam will be missed for their contributions.

Their terms will complete in July, 2016, and we are seeking candidates for these vacancies immediately as we are eager to ensure a seamless transition process for the new members, with the intent of overlapping for board meetings this year. We are hoping to find candidates with private sector expertise. Currently, Adam is a lawyer who has offered a legal and business-minded perspective to the association’s board. Roger is the President of HD Vest Financial Services in TX and has been a welcome contributor toward the association’s investments and finances, as well as its business practices. Board recommendations should be sent directly to Please submit a letter explaining why you think the candidate will be attractive and accompany it with the candidate’s resume or CV and a letter of intent by September 21st. Before suggesting a candidate, you must confirm with that person that he or she will be willing to serve if selected. We are looking to make a decision in October of 2015.