Soraya Lallani

Pedagogical Director of Consultation and Coaching

Soraya Lallani serves as Pedagogical Director of Consultation and Coaching for AMI/USA. In addition to providing pedagogical expertise, Soraya is responsible for overseeing the Recognition Program, the Coaching/Mentoring program, and will help guide AMI/USA with the forthcoming Global School Accreditation Program.

Soraya’s passion in facilitating societal change stems from an ardent belief that through Montessori education, children can create lasting and effective transformation in society. They are our change makers.

She holds both AMI Primary and Elementary Diplomas and a master’s degree in education from Loyola University in Baltimore. Her 12 year experience in both primary and elementary classrooms was the catalyst for becoming a founding member, lead guide and director of a Montessori Childcare Center in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Soraya’s dedication to Montessori education continued in her work with the Arthur Waser Foundation. It was here that she spearheaded and oversaw innovative Montessori projects in East Africa. Witnessing the transformative power of Montessori education in these remote communities catapulted her into the AMI Training of Trainer’s Program where she achieved Auxiliary Trainer status. As a consultant and trainer, Soraya has delivered refresher orientation, refresher courses, and numerous workshops to numerous educational institutions before joining AMI/USA.