Ayize Sabater

Executive Director
Ayize Sabater is a dynamic entrepreneur, educational researcher, author and thirty year educational visionary. He earned his doctorate at Morgan State University in 2018. Dr. Ayize has co-founded several organizations, including a Montessori Public Charter school in D.C.. He received his a 2021 Montessori Core Principle and a 2012 Orientation (formerly know as Assistant) certificate and is an honors graduate of Morehouse and Wesley. Ayize has been repeatedly featured as a Keynote speaker, has conducted presentations internationally and was a 2010 educational excellence award recipient, presented by First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. Some of his published research articles are on: family engagement; culturally relevant pedagogy; Montessori education, especially for Black folx. Dr. Ayize has been widely featured (on TV, radio, in the NY Times, People & Emerge Magazines, Back Enterprise, etc). Ayize recently co-founded the Black Montessori Educational Fund and was appointed the 1st Black Executive Director of AMI/USA in November 2020.