KaLinda Bass-Barlow

Board Chair

Dr. KaLinda Bass-Barlow joined the AMI/USA board July 1, 2018. She holds the position of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development in the Kansas City Public Schools District (KCPS) in Kansas City,  MO. Additionally, she is the visionary behind the establishment of KaLinda’s Collaborative Montessori Consulting (KCMC).  Dr. Bass-Barlow has earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership; her dissertation focus was on the experiences of educators of Color during Montessori training.  She also holds an AMI Primary Diploma, AMI Montessori Core Principles Certificate, M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education (Montessori Concentration), M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (K-12), and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

In 2016, her career shifted from a conventional educational school leader to a Montessori school leader when she began serving as the proud principal of Harold Holliday Montessori (HHMS) – a KCPS Signature School. After working with her team to transform HHMS, she was recruited to duplicate and exceed her Holliday blueprint at Border Star Montessori and to partner with Lawrence Public Schools to guide their work in opening the first public Montessori school in the State of Kansas. Dr. Bass-Barlow has achieved remarkable success as a Montessori leader and passionate advocate for children; she understands the urgency of learning for children and does not compromise at their expense. In her tenure as the leader of HHMS and BSM, she worked relentlessly with stakeholders to transform Montessori practice. She and her team worked with the mindset of Good, Better, Best to offer the children they’re privileged to serve rich Montessori experiences. KaLinda appreciates serving in the public sector and considers it an honor to be part of the public sector Montessori movement.