Sheri Bishop

Human Rights & Social Justice Advisor

After watching the social, emotional and academic growth of her sons during their Montessori Children’s House experiences, Sheri Bishop decided that the Montessori approach was the best way to educate her sons beyond primary school. Both of her children attended Montessori schools during most of their school careers. Though Sheri enjoyed being a pediatric healthcare provider for many years, she was so impressed with the Montessori philosophy that it prompted her to seek training as a Montessori guide and change the trajectory of her career.

Sheri has 8 years of classroom experience as a Lower Elementary guide, holds an AMI 6-12 diploma from the Montessori Institute of Atlanta, a Masters in Montessori Elementary Education from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, and will soon complete requirements for an AMI 3-6 diploma from the Montessori Institute of North Texas.

While working, Sheri recognized that the values of justice, equality and peace so inherent in the scope of the Montessori movement, are often times not manifested in Montessori practices and policies in these spaces. She found that families in lower socio-economic groups and who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) are significantly underrepresented in beautiful, thriving Montessori communities.  She involved herself in the Montessori for Social Justice (MSJ) organization which ignited her fervor for anti-bias, anti-racist, and social justice work with Montessorians. In 2017 she was elected to be one of the founding members of the original MSJ Board of Directors and served until 2019.

Sheri has presented numerous and various workshops for teacher in-service trainings and regional and national conferences including MSJ, the AMI Elementary Alumni Association, Montessori Institute of North Texas, and Montessori Northwest. Since the pandemic, she has adapted offerings to suit an online presentation format. In addition to AMI/USA, Sheri currently is contracted by the Montessori Institute of North Texas as an ABAR Advisor and by Norfolk Montessori School in Norfolk, VA as a consultant and advisor. Click here to request a visit from Sheri.