Jacqui Miller

HRSJ Co-Facilitator

Jacqui Miller completed her AMI Elementary training in the early ‘90s and now approaches the work through her intersectionality as a Montessorian of Color, a public sector practitioner, a social justice advocate, and a champion of adolescents. After working with elementary children for four years, Jacqui was an adolescent guide for the next 16 years. She became a leading developer of the Adolescent Program at Arbor Montessori School and contributed to the NAMTA/AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies for 10 years as a presenter and design coach. For the past 7 years, Jacqui has engaged in the work of adapting Montessori for transformative urban education. She currently serves the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in a new position as the Director of Montessori Programming and Operations, and previously was the Founding Principal of Stonebrook Montessori, a public charter school.

Jacqui sees herself as an educational architect, envisioning Montessori beyond its current reality and designing systemic change toward a vision. She experiences her dedication to the legacy of Maria Montessori as a responsibility to propel Montessori pedagogy toward its potential of truly serving all children. Jacqui joins the AMI/USA board embracing the opportunity to support the staff in a time of organizational change and advance the work of AMI in ways that are responsive to the US context.