Frank Vincent

Frank Vincent received the AMI Elementary Diploma from Bergamo, Italy, in 1975 and has worked in Montessori schools ever since. 10 years teaching in Upper and Lower Elementary classrooms were followed by over 30 years of Montessori school administration in 3 public, 3 private, and 1 charter Montessori school. Frank has a bachelor’s degree in Education, a master’s in educational administration, an Education Specialist degree in School Administration, and Doctoral coursework in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies. He and his wife Martha are both lifetime members of AMI and all three of their children attended Montessori schools.

From 1988 to 2005, Frank helped to establish the Montessori Public Schools in Kansas City Missouri as part of the desegregation court order for that city. He also helped startup the first charter Montessori School in Fort Collins, Colorado. Frank’s experience in public, private, and charter Montessori schools has made him aware that each model has its own unique set of needs as well as commonalities that can be supported by AMI/USA.