Madison Courtney

Director of Communications

Madison Courtney is the Director of Communications at AMI/USA, where her unique journey and experiences converge to contribute meaningfully to her role. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a specialization in child development from Georgetown College, Madison’s academic foundation paved the way for her role as a Montessori educator, a role that fostered her genuine connection with students and their learning processes. Transitioning to the realm of communications and marketing, she has spent the last four years refining her skills in effectively conveying messages to a variety of audiences.

Madison’s passion for Montessori education is evident not only in her professional pursuits but also in her unwavering commitment to advocating for children with disabilities. This dedication stems from a genuine belief in the transformative power of education tailored to individual needs. When not working, you can find Madison hiking, in a yoga class, or reading in a hammock.