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Student Information System (SIS) Vendors – April 28, 2021

We noticed that a few of our Montessori school administrators are curious about effective student information systems (SIS), so we planned a session with some of the top AMI/USA Member School recommended SIS vendors to demonstrate their services. Additionally, we will explore the possibility

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Environmental Education and Montessori – April 7, 2021

This session featured a fantastic panel discussion around environmental education resources and Earth Day celebration ideas with a Montessori focus that will support each student’s individual learning journey and enrich their relationship with the natural world.

Panelists included:

Valerie Olson – Head of School at

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Success in Family Engagement

Family engagement and support has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020 and this video compilation showcases the unique way that various communities have overcome some of the pandemic challenges. We celebrate your ability to adapt under these circumstances and are

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Sheri Bishop – February 24, 2021

Racial Equity: An Important Call to Action for Administrators and Board of Directors

Presenter: Sheri L. Bishop, M.Ed.

It is the leadership of the Montessori community that guides the depth and breadth of Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist (ABAR) work that organizations and schools undertake. The organizational leadership, administrators

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Maryse Lepoutre-Postlewaite Presentation August 19, 2020

Please note: this presentation was prepared specifically for a call with AMI/USA Administrators on August 19, 2020. Take from this what you will! Maryse Lepoutre-Postlewaite designs each presentation specifically for the group she is working with as each group has its specific needs and challenges. Read More +