March 2014 Communiqué

  U.S. Summit Stewarding Council Communiqué February 17, 2014 / Houston, Texas     The Stewarding Council met at the […]

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Senate Affirms Parental Choice in Child Care Bill

Update March 13, 2014 The U. S. Senate today approved S. 1086, a bipartisan bill to reauthorize the Child Care […]

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Montessori Guide

The New Year brings the completion of a long awaited initiative - Montessori Guide.

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State Public Policy Project Updates

JANUARY 2014 As advocacy work continues to expand across the United States, the joint AMI/USA and AMS public policy committee […]

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Common Core Standards Press Release

The first draft of the mapping of the AMI elementary math curriculum to the Common Core State Standards is complete […]

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Weekly question
If I received my AMI diploma from an international training center, will it be accepted in the United States?

Weekly question answer
Yes! Diplomas received from an AMI training center are universal and are thus recognized in any country.