Montessori Marketing with Donna D’Hoostelaere – October 14, 2020

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Join us November 2, 2020
The Anti-Bias & Anti-Racist Administrator with Amelia Allen Sherwood
Take a moment to think about what a fully functioning ABAR school would look like and feel like. For me, It is a place where every family, learner, and staff member feel celebrated and seen. The community holds each other in love and accountability. It is a place where the walls are filled with art reflective  of the people that walk down the halls. It is also a place of vulnerability and discomfort. The Anti-bias Anti-racist Administrator workshop will equip you with actionable steps to either start or strengthen your ABAR school culture. Administrators will learn about being an ABAR gatekeeper, how to strengthen family partnerships, and create a space for staff to hold one another accountable to the work ahead. Click here to register!