The Priceless Interplay Between Exploration and Going-Out


New booklet by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis

Behind Going-Out

To truly grasp and implement the educational plan that Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned for the elementary child, it is fundamental to comprehend the close relationship between the child’s natural need to explore all things possible and that characteristic’s relationship with the vital role of “Going-Out.” For those of us who are involved in the child’s construction within our Montessori walls, it is critical that we understand the underlying reasons for this technique.

Ms. Phyllis Pottish-Lewis holds both primary and elementary diplomas from the Association Montessori Internationale. She has over 37 years of teaching experience with children ranging in ages from three to twelve and 40 years of lecturing and training on AMI elementary courses. To complement her years in the classroom and on training courses, she also has two years of experience administering an AMI school. Presently she is a lecturer on national and international AMI Training Courses and an AMI consultant, as well as a frequent presenter at various workshops, conferences and Refresher Courses.