Booklet by Ginni Sackett: A Sharp Call to the Public Conscience, Maria Montessori and the Social Party of the Child


Maria Montessori founded The Social Party of the Child in 1937. This action was based on her convection that charitable institutions and educational societies are insufficient to advocate for the world’s “forgotten citizen.” This essay provides guidance that we can take from this bold proposal to become “a real knight” in defense of the child.

This booklet is dedicated to Margaret E. Stephenson, a constant and passionate advocate for the Montessori movement who, through her hard work, enlightened and inspired adults to achieve a transformed relationship with children. In honor of Miss Stephenson, half of the proceeds of the sale of Ginni Sackett’s booklets will be directed to the MES Fund, Inc., a scholarship program for AMI teacher training in the United States.

Also available in a set with Ginni Sackett’s Classroom Manangement: The Art of Normalization.

Booklet by Ginni Sackett based on her speeches delivered November 13-14, 2009 at the AMI/USA Public School Conference in Denver, Colorado.