Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom


In “Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom,” the author shares stories based on fifty years of Montessori work in thirty countries, first as a teacher of children from 2-13 in Montessori schools, then discovering new ways to use Montessori principles in a variety of situations—all aimed at inspiring, and providing practical ideas, to parents and teachers today.

Here are some examples of her stories: preparing a group of elementary students in the Virgin Islands to run the class on their own; learning how to teach Montessori with no Montessori materials in a private girls school in Peru; applying Montessori in everyday situations by means of a Q and A newspaper column (twenty topics including self-esteem, preparing the home for a newborn, multiple intelligences, teenage troubles, homeschooling, and more); helping poor village children in a boarding school in Kathmandu, and blind children in Tibet; meeting with five other Montessori teachers, doctors, philosophers, educators, scientists, and the Dalai Lama in Sikkim to solve the country’s educational problems; visiting a school where Montessori helps severely disabled children and young adults in Russia; initiating a “first Year Montessori project” in an orphanage, helping village schools, and lecturing on the first Montessori 3-6 training course in Morocco. Susan shares two stories from a meeting of Educateurs sans Frontières in Thailand: Montessori help for mothers of babies born in prison, and for elders living with dementia.

Enjoy the chapter describing the author and her husband reliving the book “Eloise in Paris.” dictated by a four-year-old (used in the language area of some Montessori teacher training courses), and a detailed observation of a day in an authentic Montessori 3-6 class that is sure to inspire many teachers.

Near the end of the book the author shares some of the solutions based on consultations with schools, and conversations with parents today, due to the unique situation of remote learning due to the pandemic.

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