Montessori Trained Primary Guide in Chicago!


Near North Montessori School

We are seeking a Montessori-trained, Primary 3-6 Lead Guide, to join our team here at Near North Montessori in Chicago! Please contact Kathryn Iannone at with your resume to apply.

The Near North Montessori (NNM) Guide provides for instruction of students by developing, selecting, and modifying instructional plans and materials and presenting them using instructional techniques which meet the needs of all students. The Guide provides an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of students. This position monitors and evaluates student performance, develops and implements plans to improve student performance, and maintains required records and follows required procedures and practices.

Responsibilities include:

–Guide the daily instruction of the curriculum appropriate to the 3-6 level of the classroom based on Montessori training and NNM policies and practices

–Guide, evaluate, and keep records on the progress of students throughout the school year and over the 3-year cycle

–Prepare and maintain a classroom environment that inspires learning, exploration, observation and discovery; ensure materials are consistent with Montessori pedagogy

–Integrate cultural competency into lessons, model anti-racist and anti-biased practices and values

–Provide physical and emotional safety and support

–Work as a part of the 3-6/primary level, faculty, and school community, regularly attending meetings, events and other school activities

–Work with Academic Coach regarding progress of students, concerns, and needs; attend coaching meetings and include Coach in meetings with parents when necessary

–Present and speak at events including parent education, performances, presentations and other scheduled events

–Complete student paperwork and records as required

–Communicate regularly with the parent community through email, newsletters or other appropriate channels

–Communicate with parents individually on their children through conferences, scheduled meetings, email, phone and other channels

–Train and manage the assistants, interns, and other support staff assigned to the class providing regular performance feedback

–Uphold and reinforce positive behavior by modeling and using established values, rules and the school’s portrait of a graduate

–Be present in the classroom and available to students when class is in session

–Provide a safe and secure environment. Be familiar with emergency procedures

–Carry out all specific procedures and responsibilities as outlined by the NNM Staff Handbook and the lead teacher

–Perform other duties and responsibilities as required, assigned, or requested


–Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited institution in Education, Middle or High School teaching or a related discipline; Montessori training and certification at the primary level, required

–Prior experience as a Guide in a 3 – 6 level Montessori classroom

–Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate, verbal and written, with children and adults

–Advanced understanding of a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive  development

–Demonstrated commitment to anti-bias, anti-racist practices: able to work with and teach groups of diverse individuals in respectful, equitable, and inclusive ways

–Team-focused, growth-minded, flexible attitude with commitment to participating in and contributing to a positive faculty culture and workplace

Additional Information:

–Full-time employment to start in August of 2024. Eligible for an exempt salary, starting at $56,000 per year.