Classroom Assistants


Thacher Montessori School

Thacher Montessori School (Toddler-AP in Milton, MA) is accepting applications for Classroom Assistants for the 2021-22 school year. The Assistant will help children care for the environment, make materials, help children with work as directed by guide, help redirect/focus children, including conflict resolution, observe and report to the guide, and the children’s activities.

The Assistant will also maintain the cleanliness of materials and overall classroom environment and help guide with general classroom management such as setting up parent/guide conferences, ordering classroom materials, or filing.

The preferred assistant candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree, experience in a Montessori environment, a warm and caring personality, an affinity for working with children, and proficiency in one or more artistic disciplines.

Thacher staff members possess the following qualities: Flexibility in addressing children’s needs, excellent observation skills, a sense of humility with peers, direct, respectful communication, embrace Thacher core values in everyday life, respect JEDI principles, the ability to listen and be present, and a sense of humor.

Located within a half-mile of Boston city limits, the school enjoys a rich cultural and geographic diversity in a natural setting, lying between a 7,000-acre nature preserve and The Wakefield Estate, a 23-acre arboretum with livestock and specimen gardens. Each of our 9 classrooms in a 1989 building designed for Montessori schooling is led by a Montessori trained guide, assisted by a second faculty member, and, at the elementary and adolescent levels, specialists. The school is recognized at the 0-3 and 3-6 levels by AMI. With a strong foundation built over the last 50 years, the school is poised to carry out its missions as a fully realized and still developing Montessori community.

Please send a letter of interest and resume to Deba Dunn, Head of School at employment@thacherschool.orgby May 30, 2021.