AMI Trained Primary Guide


Thacher Montessori School

Thacher Montessori School (Toddler-AP in Milton, MA) is accepting applications for lead guides for Children’s House for the 2021-22 school year.

The ideal primary lead guide candidate will have:

– At least three years of Montessori teaching experience at one level

– AMI Montessori training

More importantly, we are seeking lead guides with:

– Deep knowledge of Montessori theory

– Impressive experience with how to apply Montessori theory successfully

– A talent for innovative problem solving that is consistent with those same Montessori principles and practices

– An affinity for learning while leading a class

– A desire to shape a connected community of staff, parents, and students Thacher teaching staff members strive for the following qualities:

– Flexibility in addressing children’s needs

– Excellent observation skills

– A sense of humility with peers

– Great communication skills with parents

– The ability to listen and be present

Located within a half-mile of Boston city limits, the school enjoys a rich cultural and geographic diversity in a natural setting, lying between a 7,000-acre nature preserve and The Wakefield Estate, a 23-acre arboretum with livestock and specimen gardens. Each of our 9 classrooms in a 1989 building designed for Montessori schooling is led by a Montessori trained guide, assisted by a second faculty member, and, at the elementary and adolescent levels, specialists. The school is recognized at the 0-3 and 3-6 levels by AMI. With a strong foundation built over the last 50 years, the school is poised to carry out its missions as a fully realized and still developing Montessori community.

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to Deba Dunn Palma at