AMI Adolescent Guide


Journey Montessori School

Seeking an AMI trained Adolescent Guide for the 2024-2025 school year.

Journey Montessori is an AMI recognized Montessori School in Santa Fe, New Mexico serving ages 3-14. In combination with offering authentic Montessori environments, Journey offers a robust outdoor education program.

The ideal candidate for this role has deep knowledge and experience with the Montessori Method, is very active, responsible, organized, reliable, and possesses a love of nature.


-AMI Diploma/OAS Certification

-Bachelor’s Degree, in Education or related field preferred

-Minimum 3 years experience in a Montessori environment preferred

-Must be able to carry a 40lb backpack, hike long distances and enjoy camping

-Must be able to drive a 15 passenger van

Send your cover letter and resume to