The Future of Montessori Education: The AMI/USA and AMS U40 Summit

December 4, 2023

AMI/USA is excited to continue learning alongside our community through a series of webinars focusing on issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) through a Montessori lens.

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In this session, Dr. Ayize Sabater and several participants of the U40: Montessori for the Future Summit of June 2023 will discuss the process and outcomes of the collaborative work with the American Montessori Society (AMS). The panel will share the culmination of the work over the 3-day summit. They were challenged to address teacher recruitment and retention, to better understand what teachers need to know to be successful with ever-changing demands, and to explore sustainable pathways for Montessori to expand its reach. The four primary areas of focus during this unique collaboration were research, technology, equity and awareness. Join us as Dr. Ayize moderates a discussion between these critical and creative thinkers that represented some of the grass-root members of AMI/USA. They will share the process, the work, the initial outcomes and the nuances of this first, and unique Montessori approach to community-wide problem solving.

Ayize Sabater is a dynamic entrepreneur, educational researcher, author and thirty year educational visionary. He earned his doctorate at Morgan State University in 2018. Dr. Ayize co-founded several organizations, including a Montessori Public Charter school in D.C. He received his a 2021 Montessori Core Principle, a 2012 Orientation certificate and is an honors graduate of Morehouse and Wesley. Ayize has been featured as a Keynote speaker, has conducted presentations internationally and was a 2010 educational excellence award recipient, presented by First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.

Some of his published research articles are on family engagement, culturally relevant pedagogy, and Montessori education especially for Black folx. Dr. Ayize has been widely featured on TV, radio, in the NY Times, People & Emerge Magazines, and Back Enterprise. Ayize recently co-founded the Black Montessori Educational Fund and was appointed the 1st Black Executive Director of AMI/USA in November 2020.