Neurodiversity in the Montessori Setting: An Introduction to Supporting Neurodivergent Students

August 27, 2022



Webinar Master


AMI/USA is pleased to offer an introductory session on supporting neurodivergent learners in the inclusive Montessori classroom. Paula Flanders will offer an overview of Neurodiversity. Included in this overview will be a description of common terms used in special education, details about disability categories protected under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and a brief discussion about guiding neurodiverse learners across different planes. She will also offer an exploration of how to recognize learning differences in children and guide us through interactive group discussions involving case studies.

Based on participant feedback, Paula will work with AMI/USA to deliver more specific content in the future, on topics such as ADD/ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Autism Spectrum, Trauma, and more. She is also open to supporting schools directly as needs may vary.


Registration fee: $50

Presenter: Paula Flanders

Bio: Paula Flanders is a native New Yorker living in Durham, NC. Prior to relocating, she worked for a private organization’s implementation of project-based learning methods with students of varying academic and developmental levels. Her passion for supporting diverse learners guided her education path towards an undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology and a graduate degree in Behavior Analysis. Once in North Carolina, Paula worked as the Special Education Department leader for a middle school. Paula also supported students with aggressive and other challenging behaviors at a public alternative school and a Montessori Charter school. She is currently working with an Ed Tech company and other organizations to train staff on identifying and supporting students with behaviors associated with Trauma.