Building the Capacity to Educate for Peace: What Everyone Should Know About Peace

November 20, 2023

AMI/USA is excited to continue learning alongside our community through a series of webinars focusing on issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) through a Montessori lens.

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Uduak-Abasi Akpabio embraces the idea that if peace is the capacity to interact and engage positively and creatively for meaningful co-existence and growth, then it should be considered a life skill and a capacity to be built. If conflict is a normal occurrence in life, then conflict literacy and the ability to effectively engage in conflict should be considered a life skill. Beyond being an academic discipline or professional endeavor, peace is a concept and capacity that should be understood and engaged by the everyday person. Beyond learning the language and concepts about peace and conflict, Uduak-Abasi will provide a toolkit that is made up of principles to imbibe, skills to acquire, and tools to practice to building capacity for peace and conflict. To deeply engage in this conversation and understand how closely her advocacy aligns with Montessori philosophy, please follow the links below to acquire one or more of her recent books for children and adults.

Uduak-Abasi is a multitalented peace educator and advocate that works across several disciplines. Uduak earned a law degree from Nigerian Law School in 2002 and a masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from European Peace University in Stadtschlaining, Austria in 2008. She has worked with a United Nations Mission, with the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, and as a trainee with the British High Commission. Uduak lives in Nigeria and as a consultant in West Africa, she has designed programs and facilitated sessions on peace-building and good governance. She is a member of the AU Civilian Capacity Standby Force and is currently working as a part of the Political Team of the German Embassy in Abuja. 

In 2020, Uduak-Abasi was a speaker at the Nigeria edition of the UN75 Inter-Generational Dialogue. She is the organizer of the “Peace Art Competition for Children and the Peace Tale Competition for Youth” in Nigeria. She is passionate about building capacity and facilitating positive attitudes and mindsets on the issues of peace, governance, lifestyle, faith and African representation and is an author of several books regarding peace and conflict.

A Nigerian author, Uduak-Abasi has called for the inclusion of peace education and conflict management in the nation’s school curriculum. Her books include:

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