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AMI/USA represents the Association Montessori International in the United States, bringing the principles of Dr. Montessori to the education of children. Founded in 1929, AMI maintains the integrity of Dr. Montessori’s approach and life’s work. Click on the About Us link to learn more about our approach, mission, values, and objectives.

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How is AMI/USA run and governed?

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Are you looking to become a school, member, or teacher in an authentic Montessori program with internationally recognized standards of quality?

Alumni – The We Are Montessori Project

Are you a Montessori alum? Help us tell the world about Montessori education! 

The Montessori Public Policy Initiative

See how AMI/USA is working with other Montessori organizations to build effective Montessori Advocacy. 

Montessori Guide

A resource tool for practitioners to demonstrate what quality Montessori looks like and needs to take into consideration in order to be implemented.