We Are Montessori Featured School Map

Is your school on the alumni map?

As an alumnus of the Montessori School of Rochester and a current education policy graduate student at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester, I have become passionate about increasing participation in the We Are Montessori Project through my internship at the AMI/USA office.

In celebration of the 50th alumni profile on our Facebook page, an interactive map of the schools that have guided the featured alumni was compiled. It is with great enthusiasm that we share this latest addition to the We Are Montessori Project with you.

Schools receive a pin on the map when alumni from their school contribute to the We Are Montessori Project by sharing their Montessori experiences. The map, which can be viewed below, is currently featured on the AMI/USA Facebook page. The goal of the map is to showcase the schools that have alumni participation in the We Are Montessori Project to further celebrate and increase awareness of the benefits of a Montessori education among Montessori alumni and educators, potential Montessori families, and policymakers. We hope that the map of schools, in combination with the adjectives and stories alumni have shared, will lead to an increase in Montessori support.

There are two simple ways to put your school on the map:

  • One way is for administrators, teachers and parents to submit the names and contact information of alumni here. Once the contact information is received, we will reach out to the recommended alumni and encourage them to share their stories.
  • Another way is for you to encourage your alumni to submit their experiences directly. That form can be found here.

We are excited to have over 30 schools on the map but we would love to have full representation of all AMI/USA schools. In the spirit of a new year and the new goals that often accompany the start of a new year, our objective is to feature over 200 schools on the interactive map by March 1, 2013.

With your support, we will achieve our goal of featuring over 200 Montessori schools on the map by March 1, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact AMI/USA at (585) 461-5920. We look forward to working together to expand Montessori in the U.S. and having a voice in education reform!

Thank you,

Katie Lantuh
Alumni Coordinator