Training Overview Sessions from The Virtual Montessori Experience 2021

During The Virtual Montessori Experience 2021 three sessions were held to provide information on various training programs. Below are the recordings from the sessions.


The Montessori Core Principles Certificate Course: A New AMI Course for Supporting the Flow of Human Development

Session held on Friday, February 12, 2021

As adults it is our awesome responsibility to provide an environment that nurtures and respects the human potential as it unfolds within every child. To do this in the best way, we must understand the path and scope of human development. An AMI diploma course delves deeply into the needs and characteristics of a particular plane of development. The Montessori Core Principles Course offers this experience across the planes – a panoramic view of the grand plan at work within every human being.  A deep study of Montessori theory and principles from birth through adulthood, Montessori Core Principles is an excellent foundation for administrators and staff who support Montessori programs in schools.  It leads to the development of informed, Montessori-grounded leadership; a school-wide foundation in Montessori theory and principles; and increased understanding and collaboration between guides at all levels. We invite you to Join us as Montessori Core Principles graduates share their reflections on this experience and what it has meant for their public and private school communities.

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Administrator Training Overview

Session held on Monday, February 15, 2021

AMI Montessori School Administrators Certificate Course – Information Session

This session will give participants an introduction to this now well-established course which acknowledges the importance of high-quality, informed leadership in all Montessori schools and is open to all regardless of training or public/private/charter school status.

The course has now been delivered both in-person and online in several countries including the USA and has been an exciting development for AMI globally in their aim to support the full development of the human being. We will discuss how the course supports and deepens an administrator’s understanding of school leadership within a whole of school Montessori context and how it is ideal for new administrators or aspiring school leaders as well as experienced leaders looking to collaborate, refresh, renew and network with other like-minded Montessori leaders.

You will hear from graduates of the course and there will be opportunities to ask questions. Testimonials: Mary Levy, Cassi Mackey, M.Ed., Sherri Sampson

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Whole School Leadership Institute Certificate Course Information 

This information session will share with participants a general understanding of the Institute’s master course entitled “Montessori Leadership:  Transforming Self, Community & Society” that is credentialed through Loyola University Maryland, Graduate School of Education, Center for Montessori Studies. It welcomes Montessori school administrators and aspiring administrators from all affiliations. It is attended by Montessori professionals from around the world.  The course is a deep comprehensive focus on organizational leadership congruent to Montessori scientific pedagogy and practical approaches to creating and sustaining a healthy school community.  The course includes training and reflective practice in guiding one’s school in becoming anti-bias, anti-racist, equitable and inclusive.    Designed as an in-person six-module course, it is currently hosted solely online.  In the future, the course modules will be offered both online and in-person.  Alumni from the course will join us to share their experience and answer questions from participants.

Testimonials:  Michele Shane (video clip), Todd Covert, Araceli del Carmen O’Clair, and  Kerry-Ann Malcolm. 

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Adolescent Training Overview & Info Session

Session held on Monday, February 2021

After two years of research, colloquiums, and deep dive gatherings on Montessori pedagogy for the third plane (ages 12-18), 2020 saw the launch of the first AMI 12-18 Diploma Courses, currently underway through the Montessori Centre for Work and Study at Rydet, Sweden and the International Montessori Training Institute in Madison, Ohio, USA. More AMI 12-18 Diploma Courses will roll out in 2021 and 2022, including a course through Instituto Montessori de México (IMMAC) starting October 2021, in Cuernavaca in Spanish and a course in 2022 through Train Montessori in Denver, CO. AMI appointed six initial trainers to start the work of preparing teachers for this level, with a pipeline of up-and-coming trainers and advisors who will prepare for expansion of the work. This session will introduce those initial trainers and provide an overview of the evolution of the adolescent work in Montessori as it moves into the future.