Our Executive Director, Debby Riordan, has had the good fortune to visit some of truly wonderful Montessori environments over the last few months.  Many thanks to the following:

  • > Tracey Cordero and the Indigenous Montessori Institute for hosting our Consultation Committee meeting in January.
  • > Teresa Moquino for not only the visit to Keres Children’s Learning Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the opportunity to listen to elders as they shared with the community’s children, but also for the personal tour of the surrounding villages which was exceptionally special.
  • > Valerie Olson and the entire community (children, faculty, staff and parents) at St. Croix Montessori School in Minnesota for such a warm welcome (and some great lessons on the Work of Air!).
  • > The Northwood Montessori three musketeers… Carita Goss, Dolores Vazquez and Julie Regan for a delightful evening of information sharing and the forming of new friendships.
  • > Sam Shapiro and the Marin Montessori School for an exciting gala which included the opportunity to meet former Vice-President Al Gore and to hear him speak on the topic of climate sustainability.

And one more thank you…

  • > To Denise Monnier who invited our Executive Director, Debby Riordan, to present a keynote and workshop to the energetic crowd at the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools conference in Chicago!

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