Team Category: AMI/USA Staff

Soraya Lallani

Soraya Lallani serves as Pedagogical Director of Consultation and Coaching for AMI/USA. In addition to providing pedagogical expertise, Soraya is responsible for overseeing the Recognition Program, the Coaching/Mentoring program, and will help guide AMI/USA with the forthcoming Global School Accreditation Program.

Soraya’s passion in facilitating societal change stems from an ardent belief

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Madison Courtney

Madison Courtney is the Director of Communications at AMI/USA, where her unique journey and experiences converge to contribute meaningfully to her role. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a specialization in child development from Georgetown College, Madison’s academic foundation paved the way for her role as a Montessori educator,

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Lynne Breitenstein-Aliberti

Lynne Breitenstein-Aliberti serves as AMI/USA’s Director of School and Member Operations guiding the AMI Recognition Program and supporting our Membership. In this role, Lynne works with parents, administrators, teachers, trainers, trainees, and consultants, in addition to the wider educational community. Lynne also serves as a board member for public Montessori in

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Kazi Chad Dennis

Kazi Chad Dennis is the Office and Bookstore Manager at AMI/USA. Kazi holds a bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies from Howard University. Kazi is passionate about history and social justice issues. Kazi wants AMI/USA staff, membership and the greater Montessori Community to know that his job is to support them with

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Ayize Sabater

Ayize Sabater is a dynamic entrepreneur, educational researcher, author and thirty year educational visionary. He earned his doctorate at Morgan State University in 2018. Dr. Ayize has co-founded several organizations, including a Montessori Public Charter school in D.C. He received a 2021 Montessori Core Principle

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Tim Walker

Tim Walker is the Events Director at AMI/USA. He is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and is responsible for managing the various AMI/USA online and in-person conferences, educational sessions and events. He also collaborates with partners to assist in executing their events when needed. Tim attended the University of Akron and

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