AMI Consultants

AMI Consultants are trainers, teachers, and former Montessori practitioners. Most have extensive classroom experience, but all possess a thorough knowledge of theory, practical experience with children, and an ability to communicate this theory and practice to others in a manner consistent with Montessori principles.

In order to become an AMI Consultant, accepted applicants must complete an intensive theory and practice training course, submit written assignments, and participate in apprentice visits with experienced senior consultants.

Upcoming Consultant Trainings

The AMI/USA Consultant Training program for the new cohort of AMI Assistants to Infancy, Primary, and Elementary Consultants was conducted remotely on January 14 through 18, 2021.

Please check back for more updates!



AMI/USA Recognition Consultations

A school visit by a trained AMI consultant is required in the school’s first year of application and every three years for all active schools, as a part of the AMI recognition program. The purpose of the consultation is to assess the school’s compliance with AMI pedagogical standards and to assist the school and its teachers in providing the best Montessori education possible.