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How Dr. Montessori’s Principles Intrinsically Foster Creativity, the Foundation for All Human Progress
by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis
Nurturing the Creative Spirit (distillation of PowerPoint presentation)
by Carol Alver
Creative Assistance: Collaboration Among the Adults in a Montessori Community
by Ginni Sackett
Montessori in the Public Schools: No Child Left Behind
by Carol Hicks
Mathematics and the Human Mind
by Kay Baker, Ph.D.
Creativity: Process and Product
by Sanford Jones
Every Child is a Musical Child … Supporting the Musical Development of Children in the Early Years of Life
by Mary Reinhardt
Beyond the Bells
by Diane Haldane
“Let Me Help You to Help Yourself” Teach Art
by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis
But I Can’t Carry a Tune
by Diane Haldane
Creative Assistance: Collaboration in Support of Childhood Self-Construction
by Ginni Sackett
Art and Spirit
by Karin Salzmann
Stimulating Creativity Through a Montessori Approach
by M. Shannon Helfrich
Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius
by Angeline S. Lillard, Ph.D.

Conference Proceedings from the 2004 AMI/USA National Conference in Portland, Oregon, July 22-25, 2004.

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