The Relevance of Montessori Today: Meeting Human Needs



  • The Dawning of Wisdom by Renilde Montessori
  • The Support of Montessori Education to Human Potential by Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D.
  • Healthy Environment: Healthy Children: Healthy Culture by Judi Orion
  • Cosmic Education vs. the Public School Curriculum – Are the Two at Variance? by Margaret E. Stephenson
  • The Atrium: Silence, Simplicity, Movement, Symbol & Joy by Linda Kaiel
  • Practical Life for Parents by M. Shannon Helfrich
  • An Approach to the Resolution of Conflicts in a Positive Way by Silvia Dubovoy, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Maria Montessori – A Contemporary Educator? by Margaret E. Stephenson
  • Maria Montessori Envisioned Physics as Part of the Environment by Peter Gebhardt-Seele, Ph.D.
  • Research: Objective Assessment of Montessori Implementation by Mary Maher Boehnlein, Ph.D.
  • Children at Risk by Sylvia Richardson, M.D.
  • Working with Your Assistant by M. Shannon Helfrich
  • Montessori in the 21st Century by Paula Polk Lillard
  • Classroom Management – The Path to Normalization by Sue Pritzker

Conference Proceedings from the 1996 AMI National Conference. Bellevue, Washington. July 25-28, 1996.

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