(23) The Montessori Approach to Music


The Montessori Approach to Music

This volume contains the depth and richness of musical experience for children that is the legacy of Maria Montessori and Anna Maccheroni – a legacy to embrace and a responsibility to carry forward. Montessori recognised the significance of music in the lives of children and intended a thorough and developmentally based education in music be offered for all of the children in Montessori schools. In the person of Anna Maccheroni, a musician and gifted Montessori teacher, she found a colleague with a deep understanding of Montessori principles as well as the necessary background in music. As the Montessori approach to music is based upon the understanding that young children learn first through their experiences and senses, we at once engage the ear, the eye, the voice, the hand, the body, and the soul of the child – the whole of the child is actively involved in the entire musical experience.

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